How to take care of internet security.

We present the basic principles that should be followed by every user who wants to take care of internet security.

Computer protection

- use anti-virus software and firewall
- systematically update the software, both the operating system and the applications installed in it
- use anti-spam filters
- back up your data
- use encryption to wirelessly connect to the network.

Online threats

- if you buy products online, always check stores or companies that you want to use
- avoid buying in stores that do not provide a contact address and regulations
- if you use auction sites, choose those sellers who can boast at least 90% of positive comments and ratings
- ignore commercial offers received from unknown senders
- use secure payment systems or pay by card.

Privacy protection

- use the most current versions of web browsers
- create strong passwords
- do not use the same passwords to log in to different websites
- take care of the right level of privacy on social networking sites
- watch out for the content that you publish on such sites.