How to take care of online privacy?

In the modern world, where almost everything can be done on the web, the definition of privacy has changed drastically. Shopping, conversation / chat, keeping contacts with friends, booking hotels, tickets, communication with offices: everything can be done even on the way to work using the telephone. Availability of technology and penetration of the Internet, thanks to mobile data or hotspots, enable us to be constantly online. This involves the entire amount of information and data that we share or leave online: photos and information shared on social networks, our search history in the browser, online payments using a card or online banking. All this contributes to our digital identity, which should be controlled as part of it.

What is private and what is not?

This is the basic question that everyone should ask. And probably everyone will have a different answer. However, there are several universal principles that, no matter how much we want to protect our privacy online, can be a universal determinant of the limits of privacy in the digital world. For example, the fact that your ISP is responsible for protecting your data and forbidding to sell it without your permission, or that hackers would not have access to your online activity when you connect to a Wi-Fi network.

How to maintain privacy on the Internet?

Regardless of whether you are a fan or an opponent of social networks, using the internet you leave a digital footprint. When appearing online, you are identified by your IP address: pointing to your location. The only way to protect your privacy is to encrypt your online connection using the VPN service: for example, Avast SecureLine.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) connect you to the Internet with one of the VPN IP addresses, thanks to which yours remains invisible. For a cybercriminal it may look as if you were from New York, when you are really sitting in your home in Berlin, using an IP address from a New York VPN. The connection will be completely encrypted, making it completely safe. So you can log in securely, make financial transactions, or anonymously browse content on the web.

Attention to applications ..

Another method that will help you properly care for your privacy online is selecting applications. It has recently been revealed that the Strava mobile application, which measures the results of athletes, is able to accurately track the route the athlete is traversed. In this way, secret US bases in the Middle East were probably discovered. Soldiers using the app in their daily training unconsciously revealed their location.